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Title: Animal Forest English (U)
Post by: Gent on January 06, 2012, 12:23:33 am
(http://pj64sp.emulation64.com/forum/downloads/rom_images/Animal Forest English (U).png)

Ok i followed all the details and information to make this as successful as possible from Zoinkity's descriptions from this file (http://www.romhacking.net/download/translations/1581/)

Below is the RDB settings for this newly created file and the file itself.

Code: [Select]
Good Name=Animal Forest English (E)
RDRAM Size=4
Counter Factor=2
Save Type=First Save Type
CPU Type=Recompiler
Self-modifying code Method=Check Memory Advance
Use TLB=Yes
Reg Cache=Yes
Use Large Buffer=No
Status=Issues (plugin)
Delay SI=No
SP Hack=No
Core Note=
Plugin Note=[video] errors:pause menu
Clear Frame=0
Audio Signal=No
Cheat0=810D141C 0280 //Subscreen Delay Fix