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Interrupt Checking
« on: July 12, 2011, 10:13:17 pm »
In CPU.c I noticed something peculiar in the TimerDone function.
It seems that when something RSP related is finished interrupts are not checked.
I added the CheckInterrupts(); line after the RunRSP() call and it seems to have improved netplay through AQZ's netplay plugin.

Are there any possible downsides to this change?
I have to think that Zilmar didn't have that line there for a reason, after all it's in every other case in that switch statement.
Logically however I don't really see a problem as interrupts should be handled regardless of what's going on.
Obviously, I'm way out of my league here as I only have a very basic understanding of how the n64 functions.

Edit: Almost forgot to attach the latest version I have.
It has a few changes, namely some updated files from Gent (icons, about page), a work-around to a bugged function (about page), and what's in this post.
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