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You guys have Project64 1.6 Source code?


If so could I please have the source files as they are originally? I wish to compile the source with netplay and make some additional fixes that I know of.



--- Quote from: Smasherx74 on December 28, 2011, 05:40:29 pm ---If so could I please have the source files as they are originally? I wish to compile the source with netplay and make some additional fixes that I know of.
--- End quote ---

Hi Smasherx74, No we will not be releasing the source as we have already stated on the Sneak peek section of the main site see quote below

--- Quote ---Project64 1.6.1 is mainly bug fixes and small improvements here and there that was originally intended to be released with jabo's 1.6.1 plugins (hence the naming convention) but we still had some original plans we set out to include in 1.6 and still hadn't got to it by the time jabo decided to go ahead with an update for 1.6.

We must make one thing clear however, Project64 1.6.1 source will never be released as A) Zilmar has gone beyond the 1.6 source and any fixes we do will likely be incompatible or already in 1.7 and B) This is not based on the open source 1.4 and as already stated is a continuation of un finished development from the original 1.6 project
--- End quote ---

As for netplay we have no interest in kaillera as it is proven to be too unreliable in use and too reliant on a service that is down far too often then functional (Just talk to Jabo on that matter from his Jnes Experiences) So yes that is where we stand on this matter.

But well done on your efforts with the Project64 1.4 source and your Project64K project. We wish you all the best with that.

Meh, I figured that's what you'd say :P

The problem I have always seen with people asking for the source code is that they do not work on improving the emulator or emulation.
For learning about N64 emulation there are better emulators out there, Daedalus for example I find to be well documented and easy to follow.
For cheats 1964 is similar in implementation as PJ64, this is not a coincidence as Witten is the person who worked on both PJ64's and 1964's cheat system.

Here's the problem I see right now with smasher asking for 1.6's source code.
You may or may not be aware of this long standing bug in PJ64 but up til 1.7 and 1.6.1 (unreleased yet, still working on it!) the GUI would become unresponsive if you refreshed the rom browser enough so that approximately 10,000 roms would be loaded to it.
This is an inherent limit in Windows since it cannot handle 10,000 GDI objects.
You won't notice this problem on Windows XP because the operating system does garbage collection on GDI objects when the 10,000 limit is reached.
The fix for this problem is one line of code and it's less than 30 characters long.
That fix is absent from PJ64k, the gui will become graphically unstable once the 10,000 GDI limit is reached on Vista or Windows 7.

Granted this isn't a a bug that breaks PJ64 as the user is likely to have less than 10,000 roms but it's a stability concern that's very important to the PJ64 team.

I can go on and on but it would then become a personal attack, I've spent about an hour rewriting this message to make it as civil as I could.
I mean just look at the 1.7 support files being used, that's just asking for problems right there.

Black Zero:
I have always had the value that some projects should remain closed source, Project 64 is one of them.
Dolphin, PCSX2 etc. however I see no problem being open source projects.

I've been using Project64 for over a decade now (damn the years fly by) and I started using it with Windows 98 SE.
Project 64 is holy for me since it plays the 11 games I have beautifully and it would break my heart to see a project like this going open source.


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