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Title: Problems Registering?
Post by: RadeonUser on December 31, 2017, 04:24:55 AM
I just approved 13 members that were awaiting the confirmation e-mail.
If you're still around I'd like a bit more information, such as did you get the e-mail confirmation?
Was it maybe sent to your spam folder?
Did you not get it at all?
Did you get the e-mail but it didn't work for some reason?

I'll be taking a weekly look at the member list and approve where I feel is warranted and if I end up approving someone that ends up being a spammer I'll just get rid of them.
I would like very much to update the board but Gent tells me we are using some old plugins that don't work with the new board.

Edit: Too much file stuff lately! I called it a spam directory.