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Dropping Registry Access
« on: January 30, 2018, 04:02:02 PM »
I'm starting a new thread for this because I need one place to keep my thoughts.

apps file will store all registry read/writes done by the main application (Unless something doesn't make sense/is pointed out)

For game settings (such as remembered cheats) these will be in the file similar to the RDS (RDB of old) with the [CRC1-CRC2:CountryCode] setup.
This is where I've started and I've been giving it thought that this might not be the best place to store this... (Within the apps file).
I'm feeling like this could be kept within a "User Settings" file which we have yet to implement.
That's basically stuff that should be kept within the RDS because it makes sense.

Gent -- When you get back I'm going to need some feedback on the changes I've made.
I've started on the cheats first  >:D since you're on vacation and all.

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Re: Dropping Registry Access
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2018, 03:43:51 PM »
Well okay then, attempt three of posting this!
I keep on falling asleep and forgetting about this  :D
These will all have an = with the value appended.

[Core Defaults]
Advanced Block Linking
CPU Type
Default RDRAM Size
Self Modifying Code Method

Game Save
State Save

Remember Cheats
RomDirs Remembered
Roms Remembered
Recent Rom# (This is from 1 to Roms Remembered)

[Behavior] (Gent, you're British but I'm the one programming so yes. Deal with the lack of a u  >:D )
Compress State Saves
Advanced Settings
Auto Run on Open
Auto Full Screen on Run
Pause Emulation If Not Active
Use Rom Browser

[Rom Browser]

Well I've run out of time again  :-<
Hopefully I'll actually get something done this weekend.
I did need to sit down and do this however, since I needed to organize these.

Rom Browser contains all the field information and there's another that's meant to be for the cheat window, pj64's position itself, and... I think some more rom browser stuff.
It isn't much honestly and yes I should have been done by now  :-?